Gretel Ramierez

I love how I don’t have to wrap the leash around my hands to make it shorter like other leashes and I am able to snap it to the perfect size so it won't drag on the ground. It is very practical and easy to use.

Phil Becerril

The Snap Leash is perfect for when I walk to pickup my daughter from school. She likes to show off the dog and the snap leash lets me secure the dog easily.


Jake Hoopes

I bought a Snap Leash about a month ago and have LOVED it. It's soooo convenient to tether my mini-schnauzer to a post or tree or railing when we're out walking and I need a free hand or need to step inside a building. I've even tethered him to my waist while walking to free up my other hand, and to furniture inside the house to keep him out from underfoot when I'm in the kitchen! It's simple, yet brilliant. I bought the smaller/narrow model (black) - it's perfect for my 20 lb pooch!


Miasotis Perez

Every morning my pug and I head off to Starbucks for my morning Chai Tea. Living in Manhattan NYC, the Snap Leash is very convenient to secure Lola while I run into Starbucks for a quick second. Thank you Snap Leash for making my life just a little easier.


Jennifer Reynolds

I love my snap leash, it makes running with my dog easier because I can do it hands free. I just snap the leash around my waist and away we go!


Garrick Robinson

Taking my dog hunting has always been a concern for me because of the unpredictable need to secure my dog. Thanks to the Snap Leash I can easily tie her to any size tree making my hunting experience far more successful. What a great concept for hunters!


Cameron Court

It doesn't matter if I'm walking my German Shepherd or my little pug, Snap Leash fits all! Now instead of leaving my dogs in the car as I run errands I can simply secure them to almost anything outside. I smile when I view my surroundings thinking " I could use my Snap Leash on the park bench, I could use it on this tree, I could use it on the garbage can, I could even use it on the fire hydrant, which could serve another purpose as well;) " Needless to say snap leash is a definite must have in my book!


Lisa Robinson

I just wanted to shoot you out a quick email to let you know how much I appreciate the Snap Leash. What a clever idea! Almost every time I'm out with my dog someone stops to ask me where I got my leash. I'm extremely pleased with this product and have purchased several for my friends. I couldn't imagine taking my dog anywhere without it now! Thank you.


Arjenise Ferreiras

SnapLeash is an awesome new invention. I was so tired of having to create loops and ties every time I needed to go into a store or even my local coffee shop. And now I have snap leash and I love it. I can walk into any store and feel sure that my dog wont untangle himself and run into the busy roads of NYC!