About Us

Yoshi Shiraki Ted McCune

The idea and concept of the snap leash was born when Yoshi Shiraki was on the Upper West Side of Manhattan standing at an intersection on 94th and Amsterdam heading west to go catch the subway on Broadway waiting for the light to change so he could cross the street.

While standing at the corner of the intersection, he happened to observe a petite, young, blonde, lady, struggle with tying her golden retriever around a light pole outside of a coffee shop that she wanted to run into for her morning meal.

Unfortunately for the lady the dog was winning the battle as the pup suddenly pulled away from her yanking her arm and sending her purse flying of her shoulder and down her arm while everything inside came spilling out.

At that point, the lady tugged with all her might and wrapped the leash around the pole and tied her dog up so she could go inside the coffee shop.

It was at this point that Yoshi then observed the dog trying to follow the lady inside the coffee shop and the dog started pulling on the leash that was tied to the light pole tightening the knot on the leash even more making the knot much more difficult to untie when the lady returns.

It was at this point when Yoshi thought to himself there has to be an easier way and suddenly, that is when The Snap Leash was born.

Today one of Yoshi’s favorite things to do is to head out doors with his pups whether he is in his home in New York City and he heads on over to Central Park or whether he is in his home in Salt Lake City where he takes his pups up the canyons for a hike.

Either way, the Snap Leash is incredibly convenient, easy, and is an awesome leash for any “Mans Best Friend” or “Woman” of course.